Grimes Record Review: Visions

What happens when you merge the soundtracks of Twin Peaks and Tron? Listen to Grimes' latest album Visions to find out; you'll be transported to a land of heart-shaped lockets, the log lady, light cycles and lasers. The Montreal-based solo artist aka Claire Boucher creates a unique hybrid of ethereal IDM (intelligent dance music), futuristic dark wave and sugary pop.

Her voice effortlessly teeters between a childlike falsetto (think Cranes' Alison Shaw) and a gauzy croon a la Julee Cruise. Add stark, atmospheric melodies with a pulsing beat and voila! Suddenly you're Laura Palmer in the red room watching a dwarf dance by strobe light bizarre, but beautiful. 

On "Oblivion," a bubbly, agitated Boucher sings about waiting for a lover after dark, while the robotic "Eight" is loaded with vocal effects, delays, vibrating synths and lasers possibly for teleportation to another planet. Visions is an accessible, totally danceable album that may cause emotional whiplash. 


images via 4AD